South Carolina Defective Hip Implant Attorneys

Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

South Carolina Metal on Metal Hip Implant Replacement LawyersIf you’ve had a metal on metal hip implant and suffered problems from this procedure, these South Carolina Defective Hip Implant Attorneys are here to investigate and evaluate your case.

 Hip Replacement Surgery

Typically, this type of surgery is conducted in order to help with pain and a failing hip. If successful, the pain post-surgery and recovery should be bearable or minimized, but afterwards, some patients find that they have suffered failure with the hip implant that leaves them in excruciating pain—unable to walk, with swelling, and often times needing another hip replacement surgery. Because so many patients have suffered this kind of problem, many manufacturers have issued a metal on metal hip replacement recall.

 Problems With Metal On Metal Hip Implants

  • Pain;
  • Swelling;
  • Problems walking; and
  • More surgery meaning more medical bills and more pain and recovery time

 Metal On Metal Hip Implants

They were created in order to decrease the likelihood of a hip dislocation that may happen with a normal bone joint or traditional plastic implant. They were also created to reduce the likelihood that the device would wear out like a normal hip implant. While these are great benefits, the drawbacks were far more severe and far outweighed the benefits. They have a higher failure rate, can leave tiny particles of metal inside of the body which can cause soft-tissue and bone damage around the hip joint. These metal on metal hips can also cause severe permanent injury that leads you or a loved one to spending even more time in the hospital with more and more surgeries. It can also even cause more metal inside of the bloodstream.

 Let Us Help You

We hip implant attorneys are here to help you get out of the pain of your failing metal on metal hip implant as well as the pain of the hospital bills, and emotional scarring. Please don’t continue to suffer in silence.

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South Carolina Defective Drug Attorneys

Defective Drug Cases

South Carolina Defective Drug AttorneysHave you or a loved one been injured or even killed as a result of a defective product including a defective drug? If so, you may have standing for a products liability claim against the Drug Company or manufacturer after contacting a knowledgeable and experienced South Carolina Defective Drug Attorney.


Every year, approximately 200,000 Americans are killed from prescription drug reactions. This startling number is put into perspective even more when you notice that the Federal Government spends billions upon billions of dollars into prosecuting illegal drug charges every year, yet the number of Americans killed from legal, prescription drugs is significantly higher. If you visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website, you can get the latest studies and statistics on defective medical devices, defective drugs, as well as drug recall information to help keep you safe.

 What We Do

In our Firm, we constantly go to battle against numerous pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers to help protect the consumer and the general public agains dangerous prescription drugs and medical devices. We have represented countless individuals who have been harmed or killed by such defective drugs or medical devices to help them get fair compensation, and try to make the medical world a safer place. Some cases we’ve handled and defective drugs we’ve battled include:

Abilify, Accutane, ACE Inhibitors, Acetaminophen, Actonel, Actos, Advair, Advil, Aldara, Ambien, Amiodarone, Aptivus, Aranesp, Arava, Aredia, Aricept, Avandia, Avelox, Avonex, Baycol, Betaseron, Bismacine, Bitter Orange, Byetta, Campath, Cardizem, Cefepime, Celexa, CellCept, Chantix, Cipro, Cleocin, Clozaril, Complete MoisturePlus, Concerta, Cordarone, Coreg, Crestor, Cylert, Cymbalta, Cytotec, Darvocet, Darvon, Daypro, Definity and Optison, Denture Cleansers, Depakote, DES, Dexedrine, Dilantin, Diltiazem, Ditropan, Dostinex, Duragesic Patch, Effexor, Elidel, Enbrel, Ephedra, Epogen, Estratest, Evista, Factive, Fen Phen, Fentora, Fleet Enema, Floxin, Foradil, Fosamax, Fluoroquinolone antibiotics, Gadolinium, Gardasil, Geodon, Gleevec, Heparin, Herceptin, Humira, Hydrocodone, Interceed, Intergel, Ketek, Lamictal, Lariam, Levaquin, Levitra, Levodopa, Lexapro, Luvox, Lymerix, Lyrica, Macugen, Maxipime, Mellaril, Menactra, Meningitis Vaccine, Meridia, Metabolife, Metadate, Methazolamide, Methylin, Mirapex, Mobic, Motrin, Myfortic, Natrecor, Neurontin, NeutroSpec, Nexium, Noroxin, Novantrone, NovoSeven, Ortho Evra Patch, Ortho Prefest, Pacerone, Palladone, Paxil, Permax, Plavix, PPA, Premarin, Premphase, Prempro, Prevacid, Prilosec, Procrit, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Protonix, Protopic, Provigil, Prozac, Raptiva, Reglan, Relafen, Relenza, Remeron, Remicade, Reminyl, ReNu Contact Solution, ReNu MultiPlus Solution, Requip, Rezulin, Risperdal, Ritalin, Rituxan, RotaTeq, Serevent, Seroquel, Sinemet, Soriatane, Strattera, Symbyax, Tamiflu, Tamoxifen, Tequin, Terbutaline, Thimerosal, Third Generation DES, Tiazac, Trasylol, Trileptal, Tussionex, Tykerb, Tysabri, Viagra, Videx, Vincristine, Vioxx, Wellbutrin, Xenadrine, Xigris, Xolair, Zelnorm, Zevalin, Zicam, Zithromax, Zoloft, Zometa, and Zyprexa

What Can I Do Now?

If you or a family member has been injured or killed after using one of the abovementioned dangerous drugs or medical devices or products, or if you have a new claim against a drug not mentioned, please reach out to a defective drug lawyer as soon as possible so that we can begin to immediately preserve the evidence, examine your case, and try to right a wrong that a pharmaceutical company has done to you. Your safety and the safety of the general public is a top priority for us—let us use our experience to help you.

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